It’s Best to Call a Tow Truck When These Four Things Happen

There are some instances where it might seem as if it’s okay to keep driving your automobile rather than call for a tow truck but it actually isn’t. When it comes to your car, truck, or utility vehicle, it’s better to err on the side of caution than take chances. The reason why is simple: If you drive your automobile while it’s damaged you will cause more damage. Heath’s Auto Service explains more below.

Automobile Accident

Auto accidents can be tricky. A gentle tap might leave a scratch or bump and you with the impression that your vehicle is okay. If the accident was minor – very minor – your automobile probably is okay, but even a slow-speed fender-bender can cause unseen damage to the braking system, suspension, wheels, or muffler. If there is visible accident damage, it’s best to call for a tow truck to keep you safe.

Tire or Wheel Damage

You can fix a flat tire with canned air or switching it out for the spare in your trunk, but sometimes, tire or wheel damage requires a tow truck. For example, if you are driving on bald tires, you might end up with a pressure emergency in more than one tire. Say you hit a curb accidentally going fast and knock out your wheel alignment. If your vehicle is difficult to control, stop driving and call for a tow truck.

Mechanical Trouble

Overheating, excessive exhaust smoke, strange sounds, burning smells, any of these things or other problems should be your signal to find a safe place to park, turn off your vehicle, and call for a tow truck. Mechanical trouble multiplies if you ignore it, and if your vehicle is having problems, you shouldn’t keep driving it. It’s unsafe. If you continue to drive, you could damage your engine or cause an engine fire.

Control Issues

We touched upon this briefly above but let’s flesh this out further. Control issues signal serious trouble. It could a problem with your steering system, the wheels/tires, your vehicle’s suspension, or even a cracked axle. If you lose control of your automobile, well, you know what could happen. If your vehicle’s control seems off, i.e. you’re having a hard time handling it, pull over to safety and have it towed.

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