Do I Really Need Winter Tires

If you live in a part of the country that experiences cold temperatures and snow, the tires you use can have an impact on your safety. Often referred to as snow tires, winter tires are specially made to handle frigid temperatures and tricky terrain. These types of tires feature a special rubber compound and a unique tread design that works in tandem to offer better traction and handling in a variety of winter conditions. Even if you live in an area like Flagstaff, you might need to purchase winter tires regardless of whether it snows or not.

The Difference Between Winter and All-Season Tires

Winter tires are made of a soft rubber composition that provides improved grip on ice and snow. With all-season tires, the rubber can harden during cold temperatures. This can cause your car to slide and lose traction, possibly resulting in a serious accident. Winter tires remain pliable, which means you’ll have a better grip on the road. Another difference between the two types of tires is the tread design. Winter tires have several narrow cuts that resemble sharp angled edges that provide a better grip on snowy roads. All-season tires tend to have tread with a wavy appearance and fewer cuts into the surface of the tire.

Winter Tires Aren’t Just for Snow

Once commonly called snow tires, winter tires are a wise choice if you live in an area where you experience frigid temperatures. Thanks to their special tread and material, winter tires are also safe for icy conditions, and the unique rubber compound holds up to freezing weather to help them last throughout the season. It’s recommended that you use winter tires if you plan to drive on slick roads, regardless of whether they’re covered in layers of snow or not. At Heath’s Auto Service, you’ll find a wide range of tires to suit your needs.

Switching Tires is Simple

If you’re not sure about switching over to winter tires, it’s an easy, straightforward process. Check with Heath’s Auto Service to find out what kind of winter tires are in stock and change them out at least a month or so before the winter season. The sooner you change your tires, the better the odds are that you’ll be able to get a good deal and a reliable in-stock tire that can handle the uncertainty of cold, icy, and potentially snowy roads. Make swapping out your tires a seasonal routine each year for a safer driving experience.

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