Brakes and Brake Repairs

Brakes and Brake Repairs

Whether the vehicle you drive is a fuel-efficient economy car, a luxury sedan, a practical and roomy SUV or a rugged four-wheel-drive pickup truck, when your brakes fail, nothing else matters. Nothing is more critical to your safety and the safety of other Flagstaff area drivers than a fully functioning braking system, and when something goes wrong, you need it fixed right away. At Heath’s Auto Service, we are your Flagstaff brake repair experts. Whether you need new brake lining, a new set of brake shoes, or extensive brake repairs, you can rely on us to fix your vehicle and keep you safe behind the wheel.

Are Your Brakes Making Noise?

If you want to know how well your brakes are functioning, just keep your ears open. Unusual noise is often the first sign of a problem, so listen carefully and be ready to take action.

If your brake lining has worn down to unsafe levels, you may hear a squealing sound when you step on the pedal. If you hear that telltale sound, it is time to bring your vehicle to Heath’s Auto Service. Our fully trained technicians know exactly what to look for, and we will replace that worn lining fast, so you can hit the road with confidence.

Detecting and Fixing Leaks

It is not always easy to detect a small leak in your brake line, and by the time you see the puddle, a large portion of your brake fluid may already be gone. That is why it is so important to keep tabs on your brake fluid.

If you find yourself adding brake fluid to the reservoir, it is important to look for a leak, and Heath’s Auto Service is always here to help. Whether you suspect a leak or know you have one, we will find the source, fix it fast and send you on your way in safety.

Brake Repair Flagstaff, AZ

If you need repairs to your brakes, you cannot afford to wait. Every mile you drive with a brake problem puts you in greater danger, and the sooner you get help the better off you will be.

Even if you only suspect you have a brake problem, you need to get a definitive diagnosis and the expert repairs you need. At Heath’s Auto Service, we are your braking system experts in the Flagstaff area, with decades of experience fixing everything from traditional drum and disc brakes to modern ABS braking systems. Whatever you drive, you can rely on your friends at Heath’s to keep you safer behind the wheel.

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