Your Car’s AC Could Be Dying if You Notice the Following Signs

We are fortunate in that we don’t get as hot in Flagstaff, AZ, as they do in Phoenix and other southern Arizona cities. Still, you want to use your automobile’s air conditioner to stay comfortable when you need it. If you cannot remember the last time you had the AC serviced, or if you’ve never had it serviced, you might experience some of the things listed below that signal your vehicle’s air conditioner has some problems and could even be going out completely. Stop by Heath’s Auto Service for a quick check.

Noticeable Air Temperature Problems

In laypersons terms, your vehicle’s air conditioner uses refrigerant to dry out and cool the air before it is circulated into your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s interior cabin. The compressor and condenser help with this process. Your refrigerant levels are affected by two things: evaporation and leaks. Over time, the refrigerant gets low because some it evaporates naturally through the air-conditioner operating process. Obviously, it will also get low if you have a leak in the hoses or other AC system parts.

This will affect the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. You may not have any cold air coming through the vents at all, which could mean you’re completely out of refrigerant or there is a mechanical problem with the air conditioning system, or the air might be cool but not cold. Usually, if the air coming through the vents isn’t as cold as it normally is (think about how your vehicle’s AC felt the last time you used it), the refrigerant is just low and needs to be replenished. You need an AC system charge.

The Vents Aren’t Working

Your vehicle’s air conditioner (or heater for that matter) will do you no good if there isn’t any air coming out of the vents. There are a number of reasons why your vents aren’t blowing air. Mechanical issues include a faulty or dead blower motor relay or the blower motor itself. The blower resistor could also be malfunctioning. Another problem is found in the electrical system, i.e. you blew a fuse. Finally, if your vents are filthy and you have a bad habit of ignoring your air filters, clogs can block the airflow.

Bring your vehicle into Heath’s Auto Service for an AC check and charge. Call our Flagstaff, AZ, shop to set up an appointment. We’ll inspect your vehicle’s AC and address any other concerns you may have.

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Photo by Mingazitdinov from Getty Images Pro Canva Pro