Which Map App Is The Best?

When it comes to navigation, paper maps and atlases are a thing of the past. Thanks to new technology, anyone can access accurate and maps apps and navigation at the touch of a button. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you should have at least one of the map apps installed so you can get around with ease. But how do you know which of the map apps is the best? There’s certainly plenty available today, so let’s take a closer look at a few of the best that are currently available.

Google Maps

Probably the most widely used and popular map app, Google Maps provides you with updated navigation and it even includes possible traffic snafus as you drive. This app includes maps for the entire world, and you can set it to give you voiced driving instructions so you can use it hands-free. This app will also show you the location of local businesses like restaurants, gas stations, and hotels which makes it a fantastic choice for road trips in unfamiliar territory.


If you’re looking for something simple and streamlined, MapFactor is the way to go. This app offers basic navigation and GPS features along with offline maps that are updated every month. Most of the basic features are free, but you can get additional map options for a fee if you need them. The app also includes voice directions and cross-border routing. It also features day and night themes and provides support for many countries around the world.

Apple Maps

If you own an Apple smartphone, this app is typically your default navigation app. It provides you with all the standard features but also gives you a little bit more. Apple Maps offers helpful travel suggestions that are based on your previous driving activity, and it also recommends them based on events that are stored in your calendar. It shows you the closest bars and restaurants with a simple command. This app even tells you which lane you should be in as you drive! It also suggests stops if you are using public transportation, which really helps it to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to navigation, these apps can help you find your way. Try a few and decide which one will work best for your driving needs.

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