Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

This year has flown by and it’s almost winter. We get cold here in Flagstaff, AZ, so let’s talk about getting your automobile ready to face the icy conditions. Heath’s Auto Service brings tons of experience, ASE Master Certified mechanics, and consecutive Best Auto Repair of Flagstaff votes from 2013 to 2019 to the table (We’re still waiting for the 2020 results!). Who else would you trust with your automobile?

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Car

The problem with winter weather is that it does a lot of damage behind the scenes if you will. When winter temperatures reach freezing or go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s a lot that starts to go on underneath the hood. Your battery loses up to 30 percent of its power; your radiator starts to freeze if there’s excess water in it; your motor oil thickens and loses its viscosity and lubrication. All of these things spell trouble for your automobile, especially if it isn’t ready to handle winter’s abuse.

Interior Protection

Our winter services are designed to help your vehicle stand up to the icy conditions without refusing to start, stalling, or breaking down. Preventative maintenance now allows us to conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s engine and prepare it for cold weather by

  • Flushing and replacing the antifreeze
  • Testing the battery, starter, and alternator
  • Checking and replacing filters, fluids, and belts
  • Inspecting and replacing the hoses
  • Changing the motor oil and oil filter
  • Testing the heater core
  • Inspecting the transmission

These are just some of the things we’ll do to make sure your engine is reliable and runs efficiently throughout the winter months. For example, if it’s been over 30,000 miles since you’ve had an antifreeze flush, it’s a good idea to get one now to remove excess water.

Exterior Protection

The outside of your automobile also needs some TLC now before winter hits us forcefully. We’ll inspect your windshield wiper blades and replace them if the rubber is split and worn. We’ll also check the washer fluid to make sure you have plenty of de-icing solution in the reservoir. Winter safety means new tires if your tire tread is worn; don’t attempt to drive on wet and icy roads with bald tires. We’ll also check the depth of your brake pads and test the power steering and suspension.

Let Heath’s Auto Service get your car ready for winter so all you have to worry about is the holidays. Call our Flagstaff, AZ, shop today to schedule an appointment.

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Photo by JoeBoyle207 from Getty Images via Canva Pro