How to Survive Traffic Jams Without Losing Your Mind

Traffic can get pretty hairy in Flagstaff, especially on holiday weekends or when it snows. Heath’s Auto Service can keep your vehicle in tiptop shape so it can handle the stop-and-go mess without you becoming another source of a traffic jam. How you handle the stress of traffic is up to you. Nobody likes it and we all lose our cool. Here are some tips to help keep you calm and entertained (safely) while you’re stuck in a parking lot on the highway. Where did all these drivers come from anyway?!

Conduct Your Own Orchestra

Music can be a great stress reliever, especially when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. If you love classical music, put on your favorite composer and pretend you’re the conductor. If you prefer to rock out, do so. Just make sure you don’t get into an accident because you’re head-banging. If your carpool gets stuck during your morning and afternoon commutes, resurrect an old TV game show that you may have never heard of if you’re not old enough: Name That Tune. Have someone hum the first few notes of a song and see who can identify the song first. The person who can identify the song in the fewest notes wins.

Learn Something

Keep your brain occupied and off your frustration over the traffic jam by learning something new. Are you a history buff? Listen to an audiobook or podcast about your favorite historical period. Have you always wanted to speak French or Italian? Purchase media that teaches you a new language. You can practice aloud while you’re sitting in traffic. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Listen to a home improvement podcast to figure out what your next project will be. Keep it positive so learning boosts your mood. For example, if you find learning a new language frustrating, switch to an entertaining audiobook instead.


Laughter really is the best medicine and you can access comedic entertainment in your car, truck, or SUV. Satellite radio services have comic channels that are both clean and dirty, so turn one on and be entertained by your favorite comedian. Speaking of your favorite comedian, does he or she have a podcast? What about an album? Laughter eases tension and will keep your spirits high even though you’re sitting in traffic. You can also banter with your passengers for a good laugh. Keep it nice, though. Don’t pick on someone and turn things ugly. Light and funny is the way to go.

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Photo by Alexandragl1 from Getty Images