Did Your Car Blow a Fuse? Here’s How to Replace It

While we agree that most automotive repairs are best left to the professionals at Heath’s Auto Service, there are some basic repairs that you can easily do yourself. One of those is replacing a blown fuse. Blown or burned-out fuses are often the reason for electrical glitches and problems in your vehicle. Just like in your home, knowing how to locate and replace the problem fuse can save you money in repairs.

How to Change a Fuse

Did you know that fuses are actually designed to break or blow as a protection to your electrical system? It’s true. Fuses break to prevent a power overload that could seriously damage your electrical system. This is true for both the fuses in your home as well as those in your car. Luckily they are also designed to be easily changed.

Step 1: Find Your Vehicle’s Fuse Box & Remove the Cover

Often located under the steering wheel, your owner’s manual will tell you the location of your fuse panel. If you don’t have your manual handy, you can find one online by looking up the make, model, and year of your car. Once you have located the panel, remove the cover.

Step 2: Find the Broken Fuse

When you take off the cover, you will see several fuses in a variety of colors. Don’t get intimidated. Your manual will have a diagram that tells you what each is. To find the broken one, look for a broken filament or a fuse that looks black inside. A flashlight may come in handy for this.

Step 3: Take the Broken Fuse Out

While it is usually easy to pull a fuse out using just your hands, sometimes broken ones can be harder to remove and may require tools. Remember to use caution.

Step 4: Replace the Broken Fuse

Be sure to consult your manual when choosing the correct replacement fuse. It should be the same amperage, or you could find yourself with electrical issues. Use your hands to insert the new one in the spot where you removed the old one from.

Step 5: Start Your Car

Start up your car and make sure that you replaced the correct fuse.

Be Prepared

Blown fuses are a common occurrence, which is why it is recommended that you keep spare fuses in a variety of amperage on hand in your console or glove box. If a fuse blows soon after you change it, it could be a sign of a bigger problem that should be inspected and repaired.

For all of your automotive electrical issues, the experts at Flagstaff, AZ‘s own Heath Auto Service are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your next service or repair appointment.


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