Black Smoke and Blue Smoke and White Smoke, Oh My!

Sorry for The Wizard of Oz playfulness in this blog post’s title but we couldn’t resist. Heath’s Auto Service is a full-service automotive maintenance and repair shop, and one of the things that we deal with is vehicle exhaust. You might think that nothing can go wrong with your car, truck, or SUV’s exhaust, but there are signs in the exhaust that tell you something is going wrong in your automobile’s engine. Keep reading to find out what we’re talking about.


Engine Exhaust That Is Black


Generally speaking, whatever comes out of your vehicle’s tailpipe should be invisible, which is why many states require emissions testing to make sure the automobiles are not polluting the air with dangerous gases. You shouldn’t see black smoke when you start your vehicle or while it’s running. If you do, you’ve got gasoline burning somewhere in the engine. As you can imagine, this situation can turn dangerous fast, so stop driving your vehicle and call for a tow truck to get it off the side of the road.


Engine Exhaust That Is Blue


When your vehicle is burning excess oil, the tailpipe will release blue or bluish-looking exhaust. This isn’t necessarily a sign of fire like black exhaust is, but it is a sign that your vehicle has a very serious oil leak. It isn’t common for newer vehicles to experience oil leaks of this magnitude. If you’re driving an oldie but a goodie, however, you might end up in this situation. Vehicles that have been driven for decades and boast mileage well over 100,000 miles can oftentimes begin leaking oil from various places.


Engine Exhaust That Is White


Finally, your oldie-but-goodie could also blow a head gasket, especially if it’s been running too hot. A cracked head gasket is devastating to the vehicle because it allows coolant to spray all over the engine. It can also introduce the coolant into the transmission. The result is white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and from underneath the hood, a vehicle that overheats, and irreparable damage to the engine and the transmission. Consequently, white exhaust could be the sign of death for your car.


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Photo by Hirun from Getty Images Canva Pro