What Are The Best Features To Buy In A New Car

A luxury of buying a new car is a great experience for you and your family. The time and energy that goes into the research for it is stressful. You try to find the right price, the right make and model and then you must figure out what features you want. The features are all fun and games until you see the price that is added to your bottom line for that entertainment package your children must have. You need the navigation and rear heated seats. Wait. Do you really need parking assist. You have been parking your car for 20 plus years. Let’s take a look at some of the best features to buy in a new car.

Creature Comforts

The first features that are a must have are those that make your driving experience a breeze. You must have air conditioning. Yes, there are a few car are still sold without air conditioning. When deciding on features air conditioning is one that is a must have. Additionally, automatic or power windows are a top pick. As more cars add them as standard features, you will need to add them to your list as well. Power seats and power door locks. So few cars are built without these features now, you will have a difficult time re-selling your car without either of these features.


As municipalities make using your cell phone a ticketable offense in more and more states, car navigation systems are going to become more popular. These navigation systems are usually a good feature to purchase because it comes with other features imbedded like bluetooth. This is a complete handsfree bundle is increasingly more necessary for today’s driving experience.


Side airbags are said to decrease fatalities in crash tests. They are deployed during a side impact and some protect the torso and some protect the head. The side airbags that protect your head is the most effective in decreasing the risk of fatalities. Back up camera is another safety feature that has gained in popularity. The blind spot has always been an issue that drivers simply deal with. Once you have experienced the back up camera, you are able to see the low objects that were previously a guessing game. Contact Heath’s Auto for all of your service needs and our trained, skilled professionals will help you with all your service needs.

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