I Need To Replace A Burned Out Fuse…What Should I Do?

Electrical issues make most homeowners nervous; no one wants to risk getting shocked. When it comes to burned out fuses, however, fixing the problem is a pretty straightforward process. Keep reading to learn how to find and replace a blown fuse.

Find Your Electrical Panel

Every home’s electrical panel is the mothership for its entire electrical system. In most cases, the panel sits behind a metal door or box in the home’s basement, garage, storage room, laundry room, or even outside (which is the case in many older homes). If you can’t find it after a search of these areas, check the house’s inspection report from the purchase.

Take a Look Inside

After opening the metal door, you’ll notice whether the home uses circuit breakers or fuses. While fuses include round pieces that screw into sockets, breakers look like a collection of levers or switches. Either way, they should all be clearly labeled, identifying which area of the home the fuse/breaker controls.

You’ll know you have a blown fuse if an area of the home loses power and not the whole house. Often, the blown fuse will be discolored, have a broken piece, or appear cloudy.

How to Fix the Fuse

Once you’ve determined if the fuse is blown, follow these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Turn off all lights and appliances in the section of the home with the blown fuse. Note: Follow safety precautions when performing electrical work, like wearing safety gloves, rubber-soled shoes, and safety glasses. Make sure you’re not standing near water when working on electrical equipment.
  2. Turn the main power switch into the off position and locate the blown fuse (find the labeled area that matches the part of the home with lost power). Then, unscrew and remove the blown fuse.
  3. Remember, always replace the faulty fuse with one equal in size, amperage, rating, and type. Using a different kind could damage your entire panel. If necessary, take the blown fuse to the hardware store to find a perfect match. When you’re certain you have a match, screw the new one into the same electrical socket.
  4. Now, turn the main power switch back on and see if electricity is restored throughout the home. If the fuse blows again, consider having an electrician take a look.

Although this task can be performed by anyone comfortable with doing research and finding the right equipment, there is always a risk in working with electrical components. If you feel nervous or uncertain with this type of task, don’t hesitate to have a licensed electrician perform a thorough inspection, repairing any issues throughout the home.

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