Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning

The automotive A/C system works with the heating and ventilation system to provide the passengers with cool, dry air for comfort. Modern technology, as well as the EPA, requires that only certified individuals check out your air conditioning system. At Heath’s Auto Repair a properly trained technician will inspect you air conditioner system. We will check overall operation of your A/C system, as well as check for loose belts, leaks, and if needed, recharge your system. Coolant exchange or cleaning of the cooling system should be done when rust or other contaminants are found in it.


Automotive heating systems rely on anti-freeze coolant that is heated from the engine to be used to heat interior of vehicle. Anti-freeze coolant should be replaced per manufacture interval. Replacement of coolant at these intervals will greatly increase the life of all cooling system components, such as radiators, hoses, water pumps, along with heater cores.

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