Exhaust Services

Heath's Auto Service is equipped to provide you with quality exhaust work of all types. From stock to any exotic custom design, we can handle it all.

The exhaust system for your vehicle is responsible for directing the emissions that your engine produces, out of your car and away from you, through one or more pipes and chambers that cool the gasses before it exits through the tailpipe of your vehicle. The way in which exhausts systems operate vary, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Here at Heath's Auto Service, we are experts in exhaust services in including repairs, replacement, and installation.

Have your car's exhaust system inspected yearly at Heath's Auto Service. An exhaust assessment will feature:

  • Checking that mounts are safe and secure
  • Examining your exhaust pipelines so there are no fractures
  • Checking your catalytic converter-- the component that redirects dangerous emissions
  • Inspecting air sensors
  • Examining exhaust manifolds and gaskets for wear
  • Examining the muffler for indications of rust or wear

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