Beating the Arizona Heat

Summer is officially here!!! The kids are out of school. The vacations are being planned. Here at the shop we have seen a lot of overheating vehicles and a lt oof sad custors as their trips come to a unexpected halt.

Just as in winter it is important to makes sure your vehicle is ready for those journeys up and down from Phoenix and for your summer road trips. The most common cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. The cooling system should be flushed and refilled with factory approved coolant at the interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer (a 50/50 mix of coolant and water is usually recommended). The coolant level, condition, and antifreeze concentration should be checked at every oil change. Remember – never remove the radiator cap until the engine has cooled!

And remember, those dashboard lights come on for a reason. Do not ever ignore them. Particularly in the hot summer months, don’t ignore the temperature light. The engine temperature light (usually a thermometer symbol or the word “TEMP”) comes on when the engine temperature has exceeded the safe maximum. If the increase in temperature is not stopped, major engine damage or catastrophic failure will result. While the engine temperature light also indicates the potential for severe engine damage, it normally gives you a little more time to take action before that occurs.

As always, all of us here at Heath’s Auto Service are here in Flagstaff to answer all of your auto repair questions. If a light is on call us where ever you are and we can advise you on whether to keep going or to call for help. And if in town be sure to bring it by for a quick, complemetary scan.

Call Heath’s Auto Service at 928-214-8150 for an appointment today!

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