4 Reasons Why Maintaining Your Fleet Is Important

As a fleet manager, your job is to save money wherever you can, as profitability is key to any successful business. One area where you should never cut costs, however, is maintaining your fleet of vehicles. It might be tempting to put off scheduled maintenance to avoid the expense, but servicing your fleet saves you money in the end. Heath’s Auto Repair offers four reasons to maintain your fleet.

1. Overall Cost Reduction

As mentioned above, servicing your fleet saves you money in the long run. How it saves you money is simple: Vehicle maintenance prevents breakdowns and expensive repairs. When you stick to your fleet vehicles’ maintenance schedules, you ensure they operate efficiently at all times. Mechanics can replace fluids, belts, hoses and filters before they become an issue. They can also isolate impending doom and replace parts to avoid it. Maintenance also increases fuel efficiency, which saves gas costs.

2. Avoids Downtime

If a fleet vehicle does breakdown it’s off the streets. When it’s off the streets it’s not making you money. Fleet vehicle maintenance helps prevent a vehicle from breaking down to ensure all automobiles in the fleet are in operation every day. Calculate how much money a fleet vehicle earns for your business daily. What is the number? It’s likely $500 to thousands of dollars depending on the vehicle itself. Can you afford to lose that money if the automobile breaks down? Maintain it so you don’t have to.

3. Compliance

Fleet vehicles must remain in compliance with licensing and insurance authorities and they must be maintained to do so. There are specific standards that must be met to receive local and state licensing, and you must also keep the vehicles in tiptop shape to comply with your insurance coverage. Imagine what would happen if a fleet vehicle caused an accident because the brakes failed. Your insurance would not only avoid covering the damages but the passenger could sue you, as well.

4. Customer Loyalty

Finally, if your fleet is reliable all the time your customers will keep coming back. Even better, they will recommend your business to others and word-of-mouth advertising is the best free advertising you can get. When people hail or book a ride, they expect the vehicle and the driver operating it to get them to their destination safely on time. If you do not maintain your fleet, you cannot guarantee that. Keep your customers coming back by ensuring your cars are ready to transport them without issue.

All of these things save you money, so make certain your fleet is maintained by qualified fleet mechanics. Heath’s Auto Repair employs those mechanics, and we are ready to keep your Flagstaff, AZ, fleet operating as it should be. Call us today at 928-214-8150.

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