Car Won’t Start? It Could Be Your Starter

An automobile starter is powered by your car, truck, or SUV’s battery and its relay transmits power to get your vehicle cranked, started, and running. If the starter is going out or has already died, you won’t be able to start your automobile – at all. Heath’s Auto Service can replace your starter. Here’s what will happen if the relay has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

You’ll Hear Strange Noises

The number one symptom that your automobile’s starter is going bad is noise. When you crank the ignition, you will hear clicking, grinding, or whirring. This sound means the starter relay isn’t engaging and, as such, it cannot start your car. Sometimes, the car will start after making the noise. Even so, if you hear the noise, have the starter checked out right away or you may end up stranded later on in the day.

Your Dashboard Lights Up Even Though Your Car Won’t Start

Another sign you’re having starter problems is a lit dashboard but a dead car. What this means is the vehicle is generating enough electricity to light up the dashboard, so it’s safe to assume that the problem isn’t the battery. Rather, the starter isn’t working and that is why your vehicle won’t start. Dashboard and other lights mean there is electricity but a bad starter won’t start the car.

Your Engine Doesn’t Crank

Another sign you’ve got starter trouble is your engine won’t crank. Even if you jumpstart your battery in an effort to get your car, truck, or SUV started, it won’t crank and ignite. As with the clicking sound above, a bad starter motor cannot engage and – well – start your vehicle’s motor. Usually, what happens is absolutely nothing when you turn the key, except maybe the odd noises discussed above.

Your Car Is Smoking

The more you try to start your vehicle with a bad starter the more damage you will cause. In other words, if the car, truck, or SUV will not start when you turn the key, stop trying. If you keep pushing the failing starter, it will overheat and could start an electrical fire in your engine. It can also blow out fuses. Smoke and burning smells are signs the starter motor is overheating.

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