How Often Do Spark Plugs Need Changing And Why?

Your spark plugs are the critical part of your car’s mechanical system. It is primarily responsible for firing up your air and fuel to create the energy needed to power your car. So, as you can imagine these are built to last. These are not flimsy or fragile. The lifespan of spark plugs can stretch for as long as up to 80,000 miles according to some car manuals. Please refer to your car’s manual to get a more accurate picture of when your car’s precise time frame is. Your service manual will also provide information as to when this is required to be changed at a major service. Please adhere to these time frames because worn out spark plugs will create problems with the smooth functioning of your car. Here are a few ways you can tell if your spark needs to be changed.

No Power

If your car has little to no power when you try to increase your speed, then your spark plugs may need to be changed. If this is the case then, the spark plugs are not creating the igniting needed to generate the power for your car to go.

Trouble Starting

If your sputters when it tries to start, then this is an indication that it needs to be replaced. This means that it is not even giving enough power to start the car. If it does start, do not drive it under these conditions. Contact Heath’s Auto to do a complete diagnostic to determine whether your spark plugs need to be changed.

Engine Idles Loudly

Pay attention to how your engine sounds when you are not moving and your car is still on. Do you hear loud knocking sounds? This is the sound of overworking of the spark plugs trying to complete the function. However, it is struggling to perform.

Check Engine Light

Bring your car to Heath’s Auto and we can perform code reader technology on your car and receive the proper information about your spark plugs.

Gas Mileage

If the spark plugs are malfunctioning you may start wondering why you have to make so many trips to the gas station. Your fuel efficiency will completely be depleted. The spark plugs will not properly use the fuel and air that goes into your engine and it will just go to waste. Visit Heath’s Auto in Flagstaff, Arizona if you believe it is time for a tune-up.

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